Teraphy and Evaluation

INFORMATION ON THERAPY & EVALUATIONS: There are a number of reasons parents and schools/ organizations request an evaluation for you or your child. Our comprehensive evaluations will be helpful in answering questions regarding you, or your child's, developmental profile and learning styles (including strengths and weaknesses), as well as emotional and behavioral functioning.

Services Overview

Please call the office at (954) 476-0255 for more information on the cost/ fee for a comprehensive psychoeducational evaluation. Below is a breakdown of what the evaluation entails.
Description -Approximate Time
Parent Interview and History -Initial Meeting 1 Hour
Testing Sessions - 2 to 4 meetings 6-8 Hours
Intellectual Testing 1 - 2 hours
Academic Achievement 1 - 2 hours
Visual Motor Integration/ Graphomotor Function .5 hour
Information Processing Tests 1 - 3 hours
Psychological and Emotional Testing ¯ screener 1 hour
Questionnaires and Behavior Rating Scales 1 hour
Tests of Adaptive Behavior .5 hour
Assessment of Autism Spectrum Disorders 1 - 2 hours
Neuropsychological testing 2 - 4 hours
Scoring, Interpretation and Written Report 5 Hours
Additional Testing as needed 2-4 Hours
Feedback Session 1 Hour